Replacement parts suitable for


Part No. Ref. No. Description Std. Pkg. Part No. Ref. No. Description Std. Pkg.
HG12.000 908090 Nozzle 1,5mm (0,060") 10pcs HG12.018 923013 Nozzle 1,0mm (0,040") 10pcs
HG12.001 907469 Nozzle 1,0mm (0,040") 10pcs HG12.019 923014 Nozzle 1,5mm (0,060") 10pcs
HG12.002 907470 Nozzle 1,5mm (0,060") 10pcs HG12.020 924636 Nozzle 1,5mm (0,060") 10pcs
HG12.003 920006 Nozzle 2,0mm (0,080") 10pcs HG12.021 924637 Nozzle 2,0mm (0,080") 10pcs
HG12.007 909659 Tip Lock Nut 1pc HG12.022 909680 O-Ring Kit for Nozzle (10 pcs) 1pc
HG12.008 963021 Tip Retainer Nut 1pc HG12.004 907677 Nozzle Holder Contact 1pc
HG12.012 924635-1 Nozzle 1,0mm (0,040") 10pcs HG12.005 907472 Nozzle Holder Contact with Gasket 1pc
HG12.013 909660 Nozzle 1,5mm (0,060") 10pcs HG12.006 HG12006 Gasket PTFE with Spring 1pc
HG12.014 910315 Nozzle 2,0mm (0,080") 10pcs HG12.009 923258 Nozzle Body 1pc
HG12.015 924638 Nozzle 2,5mm (0,100") 10pcs HG12.010 923259 Insulator Ring 1pc
HG12.016 924634 Nozzle 3,0mm (0,120") 10pcs HG12.011 909658 Tip Retainer Extension 1pc
HG12.017 924635 Nozzle 3,15mm (0,124") 10pcs
PolyTetraFluoroEthylene is a fluorocarbon-based polymer and is commonly abbreviated PTFE. The Teflon® brand of PTFE is manufactured only by DuPont® and is not sold by Thermacut. Thermacut purchases other brands of PTFE from various high quality manufacturers.
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