Advanced consumables suitable for system HPR 130®/HPR 260®


Thermacut has developed its own range of consumables suitable for systems HPR 130®/HPR 260®: electrodes Super-LifeTM and SilverEX-®, nozzles without bleed holes Oxygen-SaverTM and torch.





Cooling tube


Thermacut has developed its own advanced cooling tube to work with Super-LifeTM a SilverEX-® electrodes, and its totally compatible with OEM electrode.


Oxygen-SaverTM Nozzles

These unique gas-saving nozzles are made of one solid copper piece which provides better heat transfer from the nozzle tip and is more resistant against molten material spray-back.




Super-LifeTM electrodes feature a silver-wrapped hafnium insert that improves performance.



SilverEX-® enable maximum achievement of productivity and efficiency and are particularly well suited for mechanized cutting of thicker materials and long-duration cuts typically found in multi-shifts shops.







Graph: comparison of the electrode Thermacut 220181-UR price and performance with electrode produced by the other manufacturer (material: 10 mm MS, cutting speed 2,6m/min.) 


HPR 130®/HPR 260® are the Registered Trade mark of Hypertherm, Inc. Thermacut is no way affiliated with the above mentioned manufacturer.



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